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SolarWorld History: From Success to Bankruptcy

Have you ever heard about SolarWorld Solar Panels? If you haven’t yet, take your time to discover the company’s milestones since SolarWorld is one of the most renowned solar brands.
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U.S. Solar Manufacturers Demand Review of China-Tied Imports

U.S. solar firms want the Biden government to examine the tariffs on Chinese-related solar imports, claiming they harm the local industry. More details ahead.
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Vapor Deposition: A Game-Changer for Perovskite Solar, Researchers Say

Scientists explored the potential of vapor-based deposition techniques in fast-tracking the commercialization of perovskite thin films. Here's what they found.
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Texas Trends: Solar Power Begins to Edge Out Natural Gas

As the top state for solar power in 2023, Texas is shifting away from natural gas for everyday electricity, the EIA reports. Find out more about this change.
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Catching Rays and Saving Drops: Solar Canals Funded in the West

Soon, the canals of California, Utah, and Oregon will be shining with new solar panels, thanks to a boost from federal funds. Stay with us for the details!
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Grid Connection Backlog for Renewables Surged 30% Last Year

Last year, the waitlist for connecting renewable projects to the grid jumped by 30%, especially for solar. Let's dig into why this happened and what it means.
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The Rise of Micro Inverter Solar: From Traditional Inverters to Micro Solar Powerhouses

Solar technology isn't limited to panels. Get to know microinverters – the latest in inverter tech – and gauge if they're suitable for your solar endeavor.
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Virginia's New Community Solar Law Takes Off

Hey Virginia, more solar power is on the way! New laws have launched a robust community solar program. Let's see the benefits it brings to the state and beyond.