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New Washington Bill Offers Solar Access to Disadvantaged Communities

Find out how Washington's new community solar bill is going to bring green energy perks to all residents, prioritizing those who've been historically overlooked.
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Netflix Users Show Greater Interest in Solar Leasing, Study Finds

Are you a Netflix buff? Then you might be inclined towards solar leasing, as per a recent study. Dive into the details to see the surprising connection.
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What You Need to Know About Solar Incentives and Rebates

While going solar isn't cheap, a slew of incentives and rebates can shave thousands off the total cost. Read ahead to discover how.
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The Crash Course on Federal Solar Tax Credit

Unlock 30% savings on your home solar setup with the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Learn the ins and outs, eligibility, and how to claim your benefits.
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Solar Panel Cost California: How Profitable Is the Investment?

Exploring solar in California. Let’s dive into solar panel costs, savings factors, and available incentives. Find out if it’s still worth it in 2023.
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Solar Financing 101: Ways to Finance Your Solar Installation

Want to go solar but not sure how to finance it? This article breaks down different financing options to help you find the best fit for your budget and energy needs.
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Harnessing the Sun: San Antonio Renewable Power

Discover San Antonio's thriving solar energy landscape as this article explores solar systems, available services, and local solar providers in the city.
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A Starter's Handbook to San Jose Solar Panels

San Jose shines bright as an ideal location for solar panel systems. If you're thinking about going solar in this city, read on for some helpful beginner info.