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Arizona's $1.2B Battery Gigafactory Kicks Off Construction

Arizona has laid the first brick for the country's largest LFP battery cell plant. Discover why this is such a big deal for the region and solar energy.

Experts Eye 47,000+ Job Surge Under the IRA's New Solar Projects

The U.S. solar industry is poised for a significant boost in employment, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). See what's in store for solar professionals.

LONGi Sets Global Record with 33.9% Tandem Cell Efficiency

Breaking new ground, LONGi has hit a stellar 33.9% efficiency rate with their newest solar cells. Here's the scoop on this industry milestone.

Indiana to House Canadian Solar's Newest 5 GW Solar Cell Factory

Canadian Solar revealed its ambitious plans for a high-tech solar cell manufacturing plant in Indiana. Keep reading to find out more.

McCarthy Breaks Ground on 1GW+ Solar Projects in Texas and Arizona

McCarthy Building Companies Inc. begins construction on four mega solar projects in Texas and Arizona, promising to deliver over 1GW. Dive in for details.

IEA's 2022 Snapshot: U.S. Solar Cools Down, Yet IRA Heats Up Prospects

The IEA's 2022 US solar market report is out! Learn what caused the recent dip in solar expansion and why there's optimism for an upcoming surge in growth.

Research: Solar Farms Don't Hurt Nearby Property Values

Many homeowners worry that nearby solar sites devalue their properties. However, a recent study dispels this concern. Check out the findings.

U.S. Researchers Develop Cost-Effective Solar Forecasting Solution

Tackling solar power's biggest hurdle – cloud-induced inconsistency. Dive into cutting-edge methods that promise to refine solar energy forecasting.