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Texas Trends: Solar Power Begins to Edge Out Natural Gas

As the top state for solar power in 2023, Texas is shifting away from natural gas for everyday electricity, the EIA reports. Find out more about this change.
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How Do Climate and Aging Affect U.S. Solar Panels? NREL Investigates

While solar systems are robust, they're not immune to aging and harsh weather. Let’s turn to NREL’s latest study to figure out if it's a cause for concern.
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Weighing the Advantages of Renewable Energy Against the Disadvantages

You've heard a lot about renewables, but what's the full story? Let's dig into both its positive aspects and the downsides to get a well-rounded perspective.
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Power Up Your Home with Alternative Solar Energy: The Why and How Guide

If you've heard that solar energy is amazing but aren't sure why, let's get to the bottom of it. Dive into its benefits and see if it’s the right fit for you.
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The Biggest Solar Power Plants in The World

While many of us see solar energy through the lens of rooftop panels, the real titans are the massive solar farms. Discover how they work and which ones lead the pack.
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Solar vs. Fossil Fuels: How Solar Energy is Challenging the Fossil Fuel Hegemony

Explore the battle between solar energy and fossil fuels. A global shift is unfolding, so join a side and find out who’s the actual winner and all of the reasons why.
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Your Compass to the World of Renewables Energy

Jump into the energy revolution with our guide on renewables. Learn about the various sources, their pros and cons, and how they're powering a sustainable future.
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Solar America: Clean Energy Powerhouse

Explore Solar America's clean energy revolution. From the origins to leading the solar industry in the world – learn it all.