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The Rise of Micro Inverter Solar: From Traditional Inverters to Micro Solar Powerhouses

Solar technology isn't limited to panels. Get to know microinverters – the latest in inverter tech – and gauge if they're suitable for your solar endeavor.

Arizona's $1.2B Battery Gigafactory Kicks Off Construction

Arizona has laid the first brick for the country's largest LFP battery cell plant. Discover why this is such a big deal for the region and solar energy.

D.C. Area Aims High with Goal of 250K Solar Rooftops by 2030

The Washington D.C. region is getting a major solar makeover with plans for 250,000 PV rooftops by 2030. Here's the scoop on this sun-powered transformation!

U.S. Solar Developers and Conservationists Reach Historic Deal

Rural communities often voice concerns about massive solar projects nearby, but a new deal could be the game-changer. Read on for the full story!

Making Sense of Residential Solar Systems

Want to embrace clean energy without the jargon? Our guide simplifies solar systems, their components, and types, helping you decide the best fit for your home.

Solar On the Go: A Dive into Solar-Powered Generators

Solar generators: the eco-friendly power on the go. Dive into the mechanics, their benefits and limitations along with the best options on the market. Are they really worth it? Find out.

Solar Backup: Is Powerwall a Good Choice?

Explore whether Tesla's Solar Powerwall is the ideal choice for your home. Dive into its features, cost-effectiveness, and how it can revolutionize your energy independence.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Solar Batteries in 2023

Find out if you need a solar battery in 2023. Explore our top picks, pricing, and strategies to maximize your energy investment. Power your future sustainably.