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Arizona's $1.2B Battery Gigafactory Kicks Off Construction

Arizona has laid the first brick for the country's largest LFP battery cell plant. Discover why this is such a big deal for the region and solar energy.

McCarthy Breaks Ground on 1GW+ Solar Projects in Texas and Arizona

McCarthy Building Companies Inc. begins construction on four mega solar projects in Texas and Arizona, promising to deliver over 1GW. Dive in for details.

Best Solar Companies in Phoenix

Phoenix's sun-drenched setting makes solar panels a no-brainer for homeowners. Uncover the cream of the crop among solar installers in this competitive market.

Solar Switch: The Canyon State Homeowners' Smart Guide

The solar movement is making serious strides in Arizona. If you're not yet on board, it's high time you think about it. Find out more about going solar in our guide.

Essential Guide to Solar Panels in Tucson AZ

The sunny skies of Tucson make it a prime location for utilizing solar power. This article will give a basic introduction to the idea of going solar in Tucson.

Getting Started with Solar Panels in Phoenix, AZ: A Quick Guide

Why hesitate when you can reap the rewards of solar power in Phoenix, Arizona? This article sheds light on all the advantages available to local residents.

PV Panels in the Grand Canyon State: Cutting Costs With Incentives & Rebates

Arizona is one of the best states for solar, but the upfront cost may seem too high. Here's a list of incentives that ease the financial burden on solar shoppers.

Best States for Solar Energy Rooftop Panels Installation

Solar energy is booming in the US, but some states can reap more benefits than others. Here's a quick guide to the top states for switching over to solar.