he sun never seems to take a day off in Phoenix, making it an energy gold mine for those willing to tap into its solar potential. But while the idea of solar panels is a no-brainer, finding a reliable installation company amid a sea of options can be daunting. This is where we come in. In this article, we're journeying through the city's solar market, identifying the stand-out players that you can trust for your solar installation needs.

The Solar Landscape in Arizona

Nestled in the southwest, Arizona enjoys the title of the sunniest state in the United States. With its vast territory and diverse elevations, the climate across the state isn't uniform, but it consistently offers an impressive annual sunlight average of 5,755 kJ/m², making it an ideal candidate for solar energy.

While the state is famed for its dry, arid climate, averaging just 12.6 inches of rainfall annually, the real star of the show is Phoenix, the state capital. This radiant city takes the spotlight, basking in the sun for an enviable 299 days a year. Its sun exposure is so exceptional it's comparable to that of the Sahara Desert, placing Phoenix as the second sunniest city in the United States.

Despite this abundant potential for solar energy, Arizona has somewhat lagged behind in the race for solar power adoption, ranking 5th in 2023 according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

However, the dynamics are shifting. With electricity prices on a steady upward climb and the cost of solar on a downward trend, the scales are tipping in favor of solar. The state already boasts a formidable 6,457 MW of installed solar power, and the SEIA anticipates an additional 10,651 MW to be installed over the next five years, potentially pushing Arizona up in the national solar rankings.

Best Solar Companies to Consider in Phoenix

In the sunniest state of the US, Phoenix residents have an incredible opportunity to harness solar power. But with numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine which companies offer the best services and products. Now, we will explore the best solar companies in Arizona that stand out for their exceptional offering.

ADT Solar: Top-of-the-Line Solar Warranty

ADT, a household name for home security services, has ventured into the realm of renewable energy by acquiring SunPro Solar, allowing it to offer nationwide solar installation services without compromising on quality.

From solar panels and batteries to EV chargers, the company handles all installations through its in-house team of specialists, ensuring the service quality remains consistent and reliable. Though their equipment brand selection may not be vast, it does feature popular and trusted names such as QCells, Silfab, and Canadian Solar, which speaks volumes about their commitment to quality.

In terms of pricing, ADT Solar aligns with industry averages, with a solar system set-up in Arizona costing around $22,000 post-ITC deductions. As of now, the company only accommodates cash purchases and solar loans for payment.

But where ADT Solar truly shines is its robust warranty policy. Offering a comprehensive 25-year warranty, the company covers any potential manufacturer defects, power production, and the labor involved. This extensive protection plan safeguards you from most issues that could arise with your system, and importantly, it guarantees a minimum level of production. Given Arizona's above-average energy consumption, this warranty serves as a strong incentive for homeowners to go solar with ADT.

SunPower: Taking the Lead in Solar Panel Efficiency

SunPower has established itself as a trailblazer in the solar industry with over four decades of expertise under its belt. The company has revolutionized solar technology by designing in-house solar panels with unrivaled efficiency. SunPower's unique approach eliminates the need for third-party components, thereby optimizing their solar systems to deliver peak performance.

A shining example of their innovation is the Maxeon panel range, achieving efficiencies of up to 22.6% - setting a new industry standard. This makes a significant difference in sun-drenched places like Arizona, where high-efficiency panels mean you can install a smaller system and potentially save on the cost of extra panels.

SunPower pairs its top-tier efficiency with an impressive 25-year comprehensive warranty that covers workmanship, product defects, and performance. What's more, the company guarantees a power output of at least 92% for the duration of the warranty and promises to replace or upgrade your system free of charge if it fails to meet this standard. While SunPower panels come with a premium price tag, the higher upfront cost is balanced by the best performance and reliability.

Elevation Solar: One-Stop Company for Home Solar Energy

Elevation Solar, a prominent company rooted in Chandler, AZ, is more than just a solar panel provider; it's your one-stop solution for home energy efficiency, which is absolutely paramount in the searing heat and intense sunlight of Arizona.

Unlike some companies that merely set up solar panels, Elevation Solar is committed to enhancing the overall energy efficiency of your home. Their unique offering, Elevation Home service, involves a comprehensive home assessment aimed at identifying potential energy leaks and areas of poor insulation that could be driving up your energy costs. With a dedicated in-house team, any necessary upgrades to improve your home's energy efficiency and comfort are handled quickly and professionally.

In terms of guarantees, Elevation Solar offers a robust 25-year warranty for all equipment, which adds a layer of security for homeowners. However, it should be noted that currently, there are no provisions for workmanship warranties or power production guarantees.

Palmetto Solar: Excellent Solar Protection Plans

Palmetto Solar stands out as an exceptional full-service solar installation company that offers a plethora of options to Arizona homeowners. Beyond their traditional solar solutions, they also undertake home energy efficiency upgrades, providing a more holistic approach to sustainable living.

What sets Palmetto Solar apart is its ‘Palmetto Protect’ plan. This optional package is designed to offer both customers and non-customers a range of monitoring and service options at different price tiers. The tiered structure spans from $8 to $49 per month, with the flexibility of annual subscriptions for extra savings. The Premier tier is a package of perks, including around-the-clock system monitoring, free annual panel cleaning or service visits, and exclusive discounts from partnered local service providers.

Palmetto Solar may primarily install Solar Edge and QCells equipment, but it is open to customer preferences, sourcing other brands on request. The company seals the deal with a robust 25-year warranty on all equipment and installation services.

Verde Solar Power: Homegrown Solar Expertise at Its Best

When it comes to solar industry know-how, Verde Solar Power emerges as a standout company in Arizona. With a business history spanning over 25 years, they have honed a deep understanding of the local terrain. This extensive experience has granted them invaluable insight into the state's specific conditions and policies. This knowledge enables them to curate solar solutions tailored explicitly to the needs of Arizona homeowners, a service not all solar companies can deliver.

Verde Solar Power also sets the gold standard for customer service. Their dedicated customer service line ensures that every customer query or concern is promptly addressed, proving their commitment to customer satisfaction.

How to Pinpoint the Company that Matches Your Needs?

Stepping into the solar world is an exciting journey. But finding the right company to guide you along the path can sometimes feel overwhelming. Don’t fret – here are some pointers on how to identify the best solar partner.

Firstly, reputation matters. Look into the installer’s customer reviews and ratings. Past experiences can often paint a vivid picture of what you can expect. Secondly, ensure the company offers high-quality products and services. This includes efficient solar panels, reliable installation, and after-sales services. Thirdly, evaluate the provider's warranty offer. An extensive warranty signals that a company stands by its products and services.

Final Thoughts: Solar Future in Phoenix, Arizona

With the abundant solar potential that Phoenix offers, making the switch to solar power is less of a question and more of a no-brainer. However, navigating the crowded marketplace of solar installers to find the right one for your needs is crucial. The good news? The local solar market has plenty to offer, and with our guidance, you're well-equipped to identify the right fit. The city's solar power journey has only just begun, and we're excited to see what the future holds.





Oct 11, 2023

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