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California's Solar Saga Continues: Reduced Export Payouts Hit Renters, Schools, and Farms

California's solar scene faces another shift with CPUC's new decision impacting multi-meter properties and small businesses. Get the scoop inside.

California's New 500 MW Solar Project Goes Live with All-American Tech

California unveils a massive 500 MW solar and 1 GWh storage project, boasting all-American components. Dive deeper into this epic venture.

California Does It Again: New Solar Facility Powers Up to Light 181,000 Homes

California is leveling up in the green energy game with a new colossal solar-plus-storage facility that can power up to 181,000 homes. Read on to learn more!

Solar Panels in Los Angeles: Win or Loss?

Explore why Los Angeles shines in the solar landscape, from its climate advantage to potential savings. Find out whether solar is the smart move for LA homeowners.

From Costs to Savings: LA Clean Energy Guide

Discover why Los Angeles is a solar energy hotspot and how you can benefit. Learn about savings, incentives, and useful tips to make the most of your system.

Solar Panel Companies in the Bay Area

Explore the Bay Area's solar growth. Find out why homeowners are making the switch, the impressive financial benefits of solar, and what's next on the horizon. Dive in!

Catching the California Sun: Solar Panels for Homeowners

Discover why California is a haven for solar energy, from abundant sunshine to lucrative incentives that make going solar not just eco-friendly but also wallet-friendly.

Solar in California: Exploring Top Companies and More

Discover the top solar companies in California, learn how to choose a reliable provider, lower expenses, and benefit from incentives. Go solar in the Golden State intelligently.