cCarthy Building Companies Inc. is lighting up the Southwest, breaking ground on four major solar projects across Texas and Arizona. This initiative is set to inject over 1GW of renewable energy into local grids and create a wave of new job opportunities in solar construction.

The projects, each with its own unique scale and timeline, include a 260 MWdc venture in Milam County, Texas, and a massive 376 MWdc project in Arlington, which boasts an additional 300MW battery storage system. Not stopping there, McCarthy is also rolling out another 260 MWdc project in Pearsall, Texas, and a 217 MWdc facility in Marana, Arizona, also featuring a significant 213 MW energy storage.

The new initiative is not just about harnessing the sun's power; it's also creating numerous employment opportunities. McCarthy is set to open more than 800 new solar construction positions, focusing on the training of more than 200 apprentices in specialized roles like mechanical, electrical, and equipment operation. Reaching a 2GW milestone, community solar projects empower local communities with renewable energy solutions, fostering sustainability.

The apprenticeship program, lasting up to four years, is a blend of on-the-job training and classroom learning. Apprentices are expected to complete 144 hours of relevant coursework each year under the mentorship of expert professionals. Successfully completing the program will earn them a nationally recognized credential from the U.S. Department of Labor and open doors to potential salary growth.

“With utility-scale solar construction jobs on the rise around the nation, we are continually working to help local skilled craft workers, veterans and those displaced from jobs in other sectors to join our solar project teams and receive the training needed to develop rewarding careers in the growing renewable energy sector,” stated Scott Canada, executive vice president of McCarthy’s Renewable Energy team.

Over the past decade, McCarthy has completed 85 large-scale clean energy projects, generating over 9.5 GW of power and adding more than 1033 MW of battery storage.



Nov 30, 2023

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