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n the grand drama of renewable energy, BP Solar played a crucial role in the early days of photovoltaic technology. A major player in the industry, the company was renowned for its reliable and efficient energy products and reasonable prices.

History of BP Solar Panels

The company was a subsidiary of the global energy behemoth British Petroleum (BP). Founded in the 1970s, it soared to prominence in the '90s, riding the wave of increasing recognition for renewable energy sources. It quickly became one of the world's largest PV companies. This era saw the company introduce several groundbreaking products and PV technology, which brought renewable energy to the mainstream.

Decline and Closure of BP Solar

The increased demand for renewable energy led to a surge in competition. By the late 2000s, new players with cheaper, more efficient PV modules flooded the market and the once-pioneer found it increasingly challenging to compete in this rapidly evolving marketplace. This eventually led to the company’s closure in 2011.

Lawsuit and BP Solar Panel Warranty

Despite its closure, the company was thrust back into the spotlight when it faced a class-action lawsuit concerning defective PV modules. The company upheld its commitment to existing customers and diligently honored its warranties, a testament to the quality of service they had been known for.

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Current Situation

While the sun has set on the company’s operations, its legacy lives on. The BP Solar panel is no longer available for purchase, yet the brand is still visible in the renewable energy sector through its shares in Lightsource BP, another major PV company.

Final Thoughts

BP Solar's journey, with its rise and fall, underscores the dynamic nature of the PV energy industry. Their story is a cautionary tale of how even the giants must adapt or risk obsolescence. Although their products are now a relic of the past, their contribution to the early days of PV technology cannot be denied. The company's commitment to its customers, even after its closure, is a reminder of the bright spirit that keeps this sector alight.

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Key takeaways

Jul 21, 2023
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