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or many businesses worldwide, shifting to renewable energy has become an essential tool for both promoting a positive image and saving money. However, the mass adoption of solar by companies still falls short of expectations.

Current state of the PV power market

With a 1,435 MW installed capacity, commercial photovoltaics became the only PV sector in the U.S., slowing down the growth rates in 2021, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The growth projections have also been adjusted downward due to interconnection bottlenecks and supply chain constraints. Unlike residential PV, the business-targeted PV sector faces the challenges of tight PV equipment supply, which has pushed back project timelines and hindered the growth of many installers.

Nevertheless, American PV contractors and installers keep expanding their project portfolios and remain bullish about future prospects. As a survey of the 2022 Top Solar Contractors shows, 59% of them believe their business will increase in the next year, and only 9% predict a decline.

Now let’s take a look at the best U.S. PV installers who have earned a reputation as reliable partners and provide top-class system solutions nationwide.

Commercial solar system costs vary depending on factors like size, location, and technology. Typically, they range from $2 to $5 per watt, with larger systems often costing less per watt.

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AUI Partners

A Taxes-based enterprise, AUI Partners was founded in 1983 as a full-service installation contractor for renewable energy systems. It provides construction services for both wind and photovoltaic projects. AUI Partners launched its first renewable energy project back in 2006, and since then, it has built as much as 3700 megawatts of installed renewable capacity across the country. For three consecutive years, AUI has been recognized by Solar Power World magazine as a Top Solar Contractor.

Sunshine Solar

Sunshine is a full-service mechanical installation firm headquartered in Marietta, Georgia. It has been in business since 2016, and for its relatively short history, it managed to become one of the top PV installers with its customer portfolio including several top-ranking companies from the Fortune 500 list. Sunshine delivers a broad range of services, such as geotechnical investigation, foundation and racking installation, as well as module installation for photovoltaic farms, rooftops, and parking structures.

Standard Solar

Founded in 2004 in Rockville, Maryland, Standard is one of the veterans of the American PV market. It started off as a residential installation firm and regional EPC, but in 2008 it took a big step forward, building its first extensive 205-kilowatt system for the U.S. Department of Energy headquarters. Standard offers development services, technical expertise, funding, and long-term asset ownership, owning and operating over 160 megawatts of installed photovoltaic capacities throughout the country.

Aims of the solar system: Origin exploration, planetary dynamics, habitat potential, celestial evolution, and space exploration advancement.


Founded in 2007 by two U.S Army veterans, the Boston-based developer has established itself as one of the national market leaders. A vertically integrated business, Nexamp owns and manages all of its solar and storage projects and supervises every stage. The contractor handles funding, development and acquisition, design and construction, and carries out all the associated operations and maintenance. Nexamp currently operates about 1 gigawatt of installed renewable energy-generating assets.

Choosing the right commercial solar power company is a crucial decision for businesses aiming to transition to renewable energy. An experienced and reputable commercial solar power company can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of commercial clients


Massachusetts-based family-owned business ACE delivers a broad portfolio of PV installation services and solutions for residential, corporate, and utility-scale customers. It has been recognized by Solar Power World magazine as the best Residential & Commercial Solar Contractor in Massachusetts for six years in a row. The EPC develops PV projects of various scales, from residential to utility-scale, and builds systems of different types, including rooftop, ground-mount, canopies, and carports. Most of the projects of the company are located in Massachusetts, however, it also operates in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New York.

Finding the right commercial solar panels for sale is essential for businesses seeking to harness the power of solar energy. Working with a reputable commercial solar power company can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transition to clean and renewable energy

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Key takeaways

PV Market Overview: Commercial photovoltaics in the U.S. hit 1,435 MW installed capacity in 2021, facing growth challenges due to interconnection bottlenecks and supply chain constraints.

Contractors' Confidence: Despite challenges, American PV contractors remain optimistic, with 59% expecting business growth in 2024, according to the 2022 Top Solar Contractors survey.

Top U.S. PV Installers:

AUI Partners: Based in Texas, recognized by Solar Power World, and boasting 3,700 MW installed capacity nationwide since 1983.

Sunshine Solar: Georgia-based, established in 2016, and a top PV installer with Fortune 500 clients.Standard Solar: A Maryland veteran since 2004, evolving from residential to owning 160 MW installed photovoltaic capacities across the U.S.

Nexamp: Boston-based, vertically integrated, managing 1 GW of installed renewable assets since its founding in 2007.

ACE: A Massachusetts family-owned business, awarded best Residential & Commercial Solar Contractor for six consecutive years, operating in multiple states.

Nexamp's Vertically Integrated Approach: Nexamp stands out with a fully integrated model, handling funding, development, construction, and operations for its 1 GW renewable energy assets.

ACE's Diverse Portfolio: Massachusetts-based ACE excels in PV installation for residential, corporate, and utility-scale clients, honored by Solar Power World for six years running.In the evolving landscape of commercial solar, these contractors showcase resilience, innovation, and a commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions.

Mar 23, 2023
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