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he solar industry was caught off guard when LG, a major South Korean manufacturer, revealed on February 22nd, 2022, that it would no longer be producing solar panels and would be closing down its solar manufacturing facilities. This decision was surprising considering that LG solar panels are widely respected and in high demand.

While LG Electronics no longer produces or sells solar panels, you can still find some of their highly efficient models available for purchase. If you're currently in the market for lg neon solar panels, this could be your chance to get your hands on some of the best products from a top manufacturer. This short overview will help you determine if LG solar panels align with your needs. Our primary focus will be on LG's NeON R model, their top-of-the-line solar panel designed for residential applications.

Evaluating the performance of LG solar panels

LG's NeON R solar system is capable of generating up to 440 W of power. These N-type monocrystalline panels boast a remarkable conversion efficiency of up to 22,3%, putting them among the market's top performers. Even the most efficient solar panels can only beat them by a slim margin of 0.5%.

The high-quality performance can be attributed to the use of Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) cells, which have the busbars integrated into the rear side to eliminate cell shading. LG was the only major player alongside SunPower in producing solar modules based on IBC technology.

Additionally, LG solar panels thrive in high temperatures. Solar panels are designed to operate ideally at a temperature of 25° Celsius (77.1° F), and any increase in temperature beyond this point leads to a minor reduction in their maximum output, known as the temperature coefficient. While most solar panels have a temperature coefficient of approximately 0.5%, LG solar panels boast a coefficient of about 0.26%, making them twice as efficient.

Cost and affordability of LG solar panels

LG solar panels are a great choice if you want solar panels that are both efficient and stylish, but they do come with a significant drawback - their cost. With prices ranging from $300 to over $600 per panel, they are significantly more expensive than standard monocrystalline panels. Nonetheless, many still choose LG modules despite the higher price due to their excellent performance and sleek appearance.

Warranty and customer support

Even though they are no longer manufacturing solar panels, LG has committed to honoring the limited warranty for every product and providing customers with ongoing support.

The NeON R panel has a limited product warranty valid for 25 years. Moreover, in the unlikely event that a module requires repair or replacement, up to $450 of labor expenses will be covered. LG also offers an enhanced performance warranty, ensuring that the panel will retain no less than 92.5% of its initial performance for a full 25 years.

Should you opt for the last available LG solar panels?

If you're a homeowner with limited roof space looking for a high-efficiency solar solution, you should consider LG's panels. They are made with high-purity N-type silicon cells, which offer a lower degradation rate and higher power output, resulting in a significant amount of extra energy over the panel’s life. LG is also reliable when it comes to service and support, so any potential warranty claims will be backed up in the future.

Premium equipment usually carries a higher price, which is also true of LG modules. However, their additional benefits make them well worth the investment. When considering a solar system, it's essential to think long-term and take into account factors such as efficiency and degradation rates over time.

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Key takeaways

Mar 23, 2023
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