s solar technology improves and becomes more affordable, the use of solar power has grown in popularity. This trend is driven by ongoing research, investment, and innovation in the field, leading to the introduction of new solar products on the market.

Solar modules can be installed in a variety of locations beyond rooftops and backyards, such as on recreational boats and trucks. However, some panels may be vulnerable to damage from extreme conditions. To address this problem, the manufacturers developed a new technology of toughened modules.

What panels are called tough?

Actually, all solar panels are tough. Even covered with glass, they are manufactured to withstand severe weather conditions like heat or hailstorms. But some panels are designed to be extremely tough. So-called “tough solar power” is a new technology for which there is already a demand.

When do you need a tough photovoltaic panel?

Suppose you plan to use solar panels under demanding circumstances, such as in the professional marine yachting industry and extreme off-grid environments. In that case, you should definitely opt for exceptionally durable solar modules. Let’s see what companies can offer such panels.

Top tough modules on the PV power market

Tough panels by SUNBEAMsystem

SUNBEAMsystem solar panels are made of extremely durable materials and are equipped with an anti-slip profile. Thanks to this profile, the photovoltaic cells of SUNBEAMsystem panels are able to catch more light at low sun angles, which results in higher performance. The SUNBEAMsystem solar panels are developed for professional marine purposes.
San Jose hosts several solar companies including SunPower, Sunrun, and Sungevity. These firms offer a range of solar solutions for residential and commercial clients.

The solar cells that compose these photovoltaic panels are very productive. These cells are, on average, 1,5 to 2 times as efficient as the cells used in standard glass-covered panels. As a result, the SUNBEAMsystem panels, despite being very small in size, have high efficiency rates.

Tough panels by Rugged Solar

Rugged Solar guarantees high durability of its solar panels that withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. These photovoltaic panels are available in stock or can be customized to your exact needs. Rugged solar panels have a 5-year limited warranty on manufacturer’s defects and a 10-year output warranty but have been known to operate under some of the harshest climate conditions for over 15 years.

These panels have several key features that make them highly durable and efficient. Firstly, they can withstand constant vibration, high winds, and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the use of high-efficient monocrystalline photovoltaic cells optimizes the power density of the panel.

In terms of design, Rugged Solar panels are frameless, thin, and up to 40% lighter than glass laminated panels. This not only reduces transport and storage costs but also makes them more resistant to stress and moisture. A liquid polymer used during manufacturing fully encapsulates and protects the photovoltaic cells and connections, creating a chemically bonded, monolithic panel. As a result, the panels have normal thermal expansion movement without experiencing cracking, shunting, moisture penetration, delamination, or other failures.

Tough panels by Rugged Products Corp

RUGGED Products Corp offers reliable, almost indestructible off-grid solar products for mobile applications. These photovoltaic modules are made by a monolithic casting process, which allows them to fully protect photovoltaic cells within an industrial strength polymer that stands up to vibration, heat cycles, or saltwater during its application on boats or recreational vehicles.

These solar modules were initially designed and still manufactured for use by the American army. The company provides an industry-leading 5 years manufacturer's warranty / 20 years performance warranty on RUGGED FLEX™ semi-flexible modules and 10 years manufacturer's warranty / 20 years performance warranty on rigid, ultra-thin RUGGED SOLAR® modules.

Jul 6, 2023

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