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otalEnergies, the global energy giant, has officially launched its biggest solar+storage farm in the U.S. Located south of Houston, the Myrtle Solar facility is ramping up the Lone Star State's renewable energy game.

The farm is equipped with 705,000 ground-mounted solar panels and sprawls across a staggering area equivalent to 1,800 American football fields. With a peak capacity of 380 MW, Myrtle can power up an impressive 70,000 homes with green electricity.

But that's not all; the facility comes with 225 MWh of battery storage crafted by Saft, a TotalEnergies subsidiary. TotalEnergies notes that its battery tech is designed to help make the Texas electrical grid more reliable and weather-resistant.

Interestingly, most of the energy from the project isn't going to the public. 70% of the green electricity generated by Myrtle will be utilized by TotalEnergies' own industrial plants along the U.S. Gulf Coast. These include a plastics plant in La Porte, Texas, an oil refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, and a styrofoam manufacturing unit in Carville, Louisiana. The remaining 30% of the power will go to Kilroy Realty, an LA-based real estate firm, under a 15-year power purchase agreement.

Top solar panel producers include industry giants such as JinkoSolar, JA Solar, and Canadian Solar, leading the market with their high-quality photovoltaic products.

The Solar Manufacturing Credit Guide provides key insights into financial incentives for solar product production. It outlines eligibility, application processes, and maximizes benefits for companies.

Silicon solar panels are the most common type, utilizing silicon semiconductors to convert sunlight into electricity efficiently and reliably.


Key takeaways

Nov 30, 2023
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