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Sun, Inc., a leading US solar company, and Next2Sun Mounting Systems GmbH, a German trailblazer in agrivoltaics, have announced their collaboration to bring the first vertical agrivoltaics system to the United States. The venture is set to kick off construction in Vermont at the beginning of 2024.

Picture this: fields of crops basking under the sun, with sleek solar panels towering alongside. That's the essence of agrivoltaics: using the same land to grow crops and generate solar power. As the world's population increases and the search for advanced farming methods intensifies, such solutions are becoming increasingly popular. The agrivoltaics market, valued at USD 3.7 billion in 2022, is projected to surge to around USD 11.14 billion by 2032.

The Vermont project is set to feature 69 vertical racks, each equipped with two bifacial solar modules, spread across 3.7 acres. This unique layout not only generates solar power but also allows for the cultivation of crops like carrots, beetroot, and saffron between the solar panel rows, efficiently utilizing the land.

“The Next2Sun system is an excellent supplement to our product portfolio," remarked iSun CEO Jeffrey Peck. "Thanks to the vertical mounting of the modules and the adaptability of the installation to the needs of the farmer, the valuable land is almost completely preserved for agriculture." Next2Sun AG CEO Heiko Hildebrandt echoed this enthusiasm, underscoring the significance of their vertical bifacial agrivoltaics system, especially for regions in the northeastern US.


Key takeaways

Dec 28, 2023
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