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alifornia's energy landscape just got a bright upgrade with the launch of the Oberon Solar + Storage project in Riverside County. This ambitious venture, led by Intersect Power, LLC, further cements the state's status as a leading force in solar energy nationwide.

Oberon is a powerhouse in the solar sector, producing an impressive 679 MWp/500 MWac of energy. This output can power up more than 207,000 homes every year! Plus, it comes with a robust 250 MW/1 GWh storage system — think of it as a giant battery that stores solar energy for later use.

Several buyers are queued up for the output of the Oberon project, including Calpine Energy Solutions, Constellation, Ava Community Energy (previously known as East Bay Community Energy), Microsoft, and San Diego Community Power. They'll be purchasing the electricity produced, along with Renewable Energy Credits and Resource Adequacy.

What sets the Oberon project apart is its strong support for American industry and workforce. It's a product of homegrown expertise and resources, featuring First Solar modules from Ohio, cutting-edge NX Horizon smart solar trackers from Nextracker, and American-sourced structural steel. The project also proved to be a major job creator, generating over 930 skilled positions at its peak. Nevada solar incentives for cost-effective renewable energy solutions. Save money while helping the environment.

Sheldon Kimber, CEO of Intersect Power, proudly stated, "The Oberon project is much more than a new source of clean power for California. It is also a case study in how the clean energy industry can maximize project benefits by prioritizing domestic supply chains and union labor to ensure the rewards of the clean energy transition are felt by all Americans." He underscored the project's alignment with the goals of the Inflation Reduction Act, focusing on the use of domestic resources and workforce.

Innovative cooling technologies enhance solar panel efficiency by maintaining optimal operating temperatures, resulting in increased energy production.

Notably, Oberon is the first project to go operational under the Bureau of Land Management's Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan. This plan, the fruit of six years of collaborative efforts, aims to balance environmental conservation with clean energy development across 10.8 million acres in Southern California.


Key takeaways

Nov 30, 2023
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