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here is nothing new about the fact that solar plays a crucial role in the world’s clean energy goals. However, it's not just about the common solar panels you see on rooftops; another intriguing technology is making waves: thermal collectors. Let’s explore this tech and some of the top solar collectors manufacturers that make it accessible to the public.

Solar Thermal What?

Thermal collectors are devices crafted to gather solar energy and transmute it into thermal energy, or in simpler terms, heat. Contrasting with PV panels, which transform solar rays into electricity, these collectors warm fluid to meet various heating requirements, such as water warming, space heating, and even cooling. They are a tailored solution for heating needs, from domestic hot water to industrial use, standing apart from solar panels' electrical focus.
Solar circuit breakers are essential components in photovoltaic systems, designed to protect against overloads and faults in solar panel installations.

Types of Heat Collectors

Just like any other industry, there are various options available on the market each with its own distinct features and applications. Let’s explore some of them.


Flat-plate collectors are not just versatile; they're practically chameleons, adjusting to diverse applications, whether it's heating your bathwater or supporting vast industrial processes.

This setup is comprised of a heat-absorbing plate usually made from good heat conductors like aluminum or copper, pipes that are directly attached to the plate, and the heat transfer fluid (water) that gets heated up by the plate and then used in the household.

Where’s the greenhouse effect? On the panel’s surface. It is covered by a material that creates a layer of air on the surface of the plate. That traps the heat inside and minimizes heat loss by preventing it from reflecting back into the atmosphere. A simple, yet intelligent design.

Evacuated Tube

Imagine a thermos, but far more efficient, and you have evacuated tube collectors. Perfectly suited for capturing and holding heat, even when the chill wind blows, these collectors find their niche in high-temperature applications.

Unlike the flat-plate type, these ones are all about insulation. Instead of a plate, you will find multiple glass tubes with thinner ones inside. This design allows for a vacuum seal in between the two minimizing heat loss. The water is heated to high temperatures in a metal pipe running through the inner glass cylinder. Thanks to the efficiency of this system, it’s perfectly suited for colder environments as it can retain the absorbed heat for a longer time.

Concentrating Type

Think of a magnifying glass but multiply its potency, and you'll get the idea of concentrating collectors. These specialized devices are reserved for monumental tasks where fierce heat is the call of the day.

Opposite to the previous types, concentrated solar collectors do not use the heat directly. Instead, its function is to create steam that then powers a steam engine and generates power as a result. This complicated design makes this type of heat absorber mostly used in power plants.

Colorado Springs hosts numerous solar companies, offering diverse services from installation to maintenance, driving renewable energy adoption in the region.

Are Solar Absorbers Any Good?

Is a venture into solar thermal collectors worthwhile? The answer resonates with a confident "yes." They stand as a judicious alternative to conventional solar systems. The benefits? Think lower energy bills, a nod to environmental care, and a path to greener living. The cherry on top? Your wallet might even breathe a sigh of relief since heat absorbers usually come at a significantly lower price when compared to regular PV systems.

Top Providers Around the World

SunEarth, Inc.

SunEarth, Inc. stands as a shining beacon in the solar thermal manufacturer industry. Established over four decades ago, they have been instrumental in developing innovative solutions for both residential and commercial heating needs. They exemplify quality and cost-effectiveness, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

Solahart Industries

Solahart Industries, an Australian gem in the solar world, has been embracing and innovating solar technology for over 65 years. The solar manufacturer emphasizes combining cutting-edge design with efficiency, resulting in solar thermal collectors that are as elegant as they are functional.


GREENoneTEC, hailing from Austria, is a giant that towers over many in the solar collector manufacturing sector. Their extensive range and unparalleled quality are reflections of their commitment to cleaner energy. They offer solutions tailored to every need, leaving no stone unturned in the quest for sustainable warmth.

Viessmann Werke

Germany's Viessmann Werke is a name often associated with precision and innovation. With more than 100 years of history, they are more than a solar thermal manufacturer; they are visionaries paving the way for a future where solar energy is a household norm. Every product they offer is a meticulous blend of engineering and environmental responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How efficient is a solar collector?

A: It depends on the type. Some manufacturers promise up to 80% efficiency, which is at least 60% more than PV panels’ performance.

Q: Are solar thermal collectors worth it?

A: Yes, they are. They do a great job at managing heat and are cheaper than regular PV systems. If your main goal is heating – this energy solution is probably the most cost-efficient option available at the moment.

Q: How long do collectors last?

A: It depends on the manufacturer, but generally their lifespan can be as short as 5 years and as long as 25. Be sure to plan your investment intelligently.

Q: How hot do these devices get?

A: Heat absorbers can get as hot as 395°F. The evacuated tube type generally doesn’t get too hot on the outside and is considered relatively safe in that aspect.

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Q: Do they work in winter?

A: Yes, with some doing a better job and some significantly dropping in performance. You can generally expect at least a 50% drop in efficiency during cold winter weather so additional heating will likely be necessary. You can get a more precise estimate by contacting the manufacturer.

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Final Thoughts

Solar thermal collectors are more than a technological advancement; they represent a concerted effort to move towards a sustainable and energy-efficient future. The increasing popularity and utility of these systems have been amplified by the incredible work of leading solar collectors manufacturers, each contributing their unique flair and philosophy. Investing in solar collectors? The answer is an emphatic "yes" – an intelligent choice that resonates with both your wallet and your values for a greener Earth.

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Key takeaways

Aug 22, 2023
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