f you're pondering a switch to solar energy, SolarEdge should definitely be on your radar. Founded in 2006 in Herzliya, Israel, the company has swiftly scaled to capture a solid footing in the solar inverter arena, even capturing nearly 90% of the U.S. market alongside their main rival, Enphase.

So, what exactly does SolarEdge offer? Their portfolio includes a range of solar products, but they're most renowned for their inverters and power optimizers.

Inverter Offerings from SolarEdge

SolarEdge has a reputation for delivering cutting-edge inverters. Unlike standard residential inverters with 95-98% efficiency, SolarEdge DC models boast a staggering 99.2% efficiency. They are also relatively compact and easy to install. One of the best features is their compatibility with the manufacturer's own EV chargers, not to mention a 100% overload capacity.

Elevating the Game: SolarEdge Power Optimizers

Another intriguing product from SolarEdge is their trailblazing power optimizers. Unlike traditional solar panel setups where all panels are linked in a "string," SolarEdge power optimizers allow each panel to operate independently. This is a big deal because if one panel is shaded, it won't bring down the performance of the entire array. However, be prepared to invest a little more upfront, as each panel needs its own optimizer.

Customer Service and Reliability

SolarEdge excels in customer support and offers robust warranties. While some installers report that the power optimizers can be somewhat difficult to set up, once installed, they deliver superior performance across the board.

In conclusion, SolarEdge is a market leader worth your attention. With their blend of innovation, efficiency, and customer service, you're getting a package that's hard to beat in the solar industry.




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