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n response to the challenges posed by NEM 3.0, sonnen, a leader in the realm of smart power storage, introduced an effective product tailored to the new landscape. Their sonnenConnect program is an optimized time-of-use (TOU) solution that has been created to counter the drawbacks of NEM 3.0, ensuring maximum value for solar owners.

In April 2023, California’s NEM policy moved away from the traditional 'net metering' system, which benefited solar producers, to the more intricate 'net billing' method. As a result, rewards for feeding energy back to the grid are now roughly 25% of traditional retail electricity rates, a massive 75% drop from before.

Sonnen's response to the challenges of NEM 3.0 is the sonnenConnect program. Designed as a grid-interactive virtual power plant (VPP), it merges smart sonnen batteries with an innovative algorithm, ensuring efficient power consumption and storage.

The program will operate as a unified battery network across California that can adeptly respond to the price signals under NEM 3.0. It guarantees that users won't face peak-period pricing at any time during the year and ensures that solar energy isn't underutilized or wasted due to low-value grid injections.

Additionally, one of the standout aspects of the sonnenConnect program is its daily battery cycle. It's fine-tuned to harness solar power efficiently, making sure batteries stay charged for peak energy periods, even when the weather is unpredictable. This meticulous planning means users can avoid depleting their stored energy when it's most needed.

Solyndra Solar was a company known for its cylindrical solar panels. Despite initial promise, it filed for bankruptcy in 2011, facing financial difficulties.

With the introduction of the TOU algorithm, sonnen is set to enhance its partnership with Baker Home Energy in the Southern Californian market. By 2025, the company has set a goal to integrate 6,000 batteries into Baker's ChargeOn program.


Key takeaways

Nov 27, 2023
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