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ig news is shining from the heart of Ohio as the first phase of the Fox Squirrel Solar complex, the state's largest solar project, is now fully operational. This initiative, spearheaded by EDF Renewables North America and Enbridge, promises to significantly transform the state’s energy scene.

On-grid solar refers to solar power systems connected to the grid, allowing users to generate electricity for personal use and potentially sell excess power.

Nestled in Madison County, Fox Squirrel Solar complex is on track to reach an astounding 749 MW capacity when finished. The first phase, already contributing 194 MW to the power off-grid calculator, has set the stage for the next steps. The second and third phases, expected to come online by the end of 2024, will add 325 MW and 230 MW, respectively.

Generating enough electricity to power approximately 118,000 average Ohio homes, Fox Squirrel Solar also plays a role in stimulating the local economy. In its first phase of construction, the project employed 650 workers, with 10,000 panels being installed daily.

Kate O’Hair, Senior Vice President for Onshore Development, lauded the project, stating, " The development and operation of Phase 1 marks a significant milestone in our journey to drive Ohio’s future with clean, decarbonized electricity.”

Matthew Akman, Enbridge's Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and President of Power, also commented on the project's impact. “The development of this project will support local communities and deliver clean power for our customer," he noted.

Ohio's solar energy progress is not without its challenges, including regulatory hurdles and public pushback. This opposition has led to the shelving of several large solar ventures, and in a more drastic move, some counties have even put a full stop on solar projects. Yet, initiatives like the Fox Squirrel Solar complex signal a steady, albeit gradual, embrace of solar energy in the state.


Key takeaways

Jan 23, 2024
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