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he NC’s sun isn't just about radiant summer days; it's about harnessing a future-ready energy source. Propelled by progressive policies and regulatory enthusiasm, the state stands tall as a solar hub. Given its impressive solar stats and a staggering number of installers, diving into solar energy in North Carolina can seem like a complex challenge. Let's make it simple!

Solar NC: Understanding Solar Power in the Tar Heel State

The state has shone its commitment to renewable energy, particularly with initiatives such as the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS). As a result, it ranks 4th nationally in terms of solar adoption. To put the magnitude of its success into perspective, NC’s impressive 8,407 MW of installed solar power can energize over a million homes, contributing to over 9% of the state's electricity.

Best Installers in the State

With a surge in solar NC adoption comes an overwhelming array of choices. With over 90 installers and developers vying for your attention, picking the right North Carolina solar installer can feel daunting. But worry not! We're here to highlight some of the standout players in the game.


If you're searching for efficiency, SunPower shines brightest. As one of the top solar installers nationwide, SunPower boasts industry-leading Maxeon panels with an unrivaled efficiency of 22.8%. This is crucial, especially since homeowners in Tar Heel State typically consume more energy than the average American household. It ensures that homeowners get maximum savings from their PV systems. Additionally, SunPower's robust 25-year warranty is like an umbrella on a rainy day – perfect for the state’s unpredictable weather. It safeguards your solar investment, covering both equipment and installation workmanship.

Renu Energy Solutions

When it comes to Renu Energy Solutions, it's all about the customer-centric approach. This company might not be strictly local, but the dedication it brings to the table makes you feel at home. With its offices in various cities, including Charlotte and Raleigh, Renu combines its vast reach with a local touch. The knowledge they possess about local perks means that every solar NC setup they craft is uniquely tailored to regional specifications. However, it's worth noting that while this North Carolina solar installer excels in many areas, they don't offer a formal workmanship warranty.

ADT Solar

Previously known as SunPro Solar, ADT has expanded its reach to cater to nearly half of the United States. Their warranty offerings stand shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders like SunPower. ADT Solar takes pride in its comprehensive 25-year warranty, ensuring customers feel secure in their investments. This becomes especially important in the Old North State, where weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Besides, ADT garners positive reviews for their stellar customer service right from the initial consultation through to post-installation care.

NCSolar Now

With a sole focus on the Tar Heel State, NC Solar Now brings over a decade of local experience to the table. Their dedication to equipping North Carolinians with the best in solar technology shines through. If you're a fan of trending tech like the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase products, Solar Now has you covered.

What sets this North Carolina solar installer apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They not only offer a 25-year equipment warranty and production guarantee but also provide a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and roof penetration. Their proactive approach means any glitches, be it broken equipment or underperformance, are swiftly addressed, ensuring homeowners have peace of mind.

8M Solar

With its headquarters positioned in Raleigh, this North Carolina solar installer extends its services across most of the state through various local branches. What sets 8M apart is its deep connection with the local community. While several companies might offer installation services, 8M representatives genuinely understand the specific needs of the residents.

8M Solar has partnerships with an impressive array of panel brands. Whether it's SolarEdge, QCells, Panasonic, Silfab, Solar World, Trina, Tesla, SunPower, or REC, they ensure that every homeowner finds the perfect match for their premises. Their equipment warranty spans 25 years, in line with industry standards. But what sets them apart is their panel performance warranty, extending a generous five years more than many competitors.

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Blue Raven Solar

With its acquisition by SunPower in 2015, Blue Raven Solar gained even more prominence in the industry. The company's independent operations have allowed it to maintain its exceptional reputation across various ratings and review platforms.

To guarantee optimal performance, Blue Raven integrates top-tier panels and components from industry leaders like Canadian Solar and Trina. But what's truly impressive is their confidence in their installations. They're so assured of their systems' reliability that they offer a unique productivity guarantee. If a system falters or underperforms, Blue Raven commits to upgrading it at no additional cost. In terms of warranties, they mirror the commitment seen at 8M Solar, offering a robust 25-year product and workmanship warranty, further bolstered by their productivity guarantee.

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In Closing: Embracing Solar in North Carolina Through Top-notch Installers

Harnessing solar energy in North Carolina has never been more enticing. With a blend of robust state policies and a plethora of proficient installers, homeowners in the Tar Heel State are set to embrace a brighter, sustainable future. Whether it's the efficiency of SunPower or the customer-first approach of Renu Energy Solutions, there's an installer to match every individual's aspirations. The solar journey in the state is radiant, promising, and waiting for more to join in.

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