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f you're a homeowner in the Golden State, you've probably noticed the increasing number of solar panels dotting rooftops across your neighborhood. It's no secret that California is a solar energy powerhouse, leading the nation with nearly 50,000 solar setups that provide electricity to over 11 million homes. As of today, solar panel installations California contribute to more than a quarter of the state's electricity grid.

Solar Success in CA: The Benefits of Solar Energy in California

Why are so many homeowners embracing solar? The reasons are plentiful. First off, California enjoys high solar irradiance, meaning we get a lot of sunny days, making solar power more efficient. Secondly, residents of California grapple with some of the steepest electricity costs nationwide, with an average monthly bill of approximately $285 – a substantial 31% above the country's average. Going solar can significantly reduce these costs over time. Lastly, there’s a growing awareness of environmental issues. With California often in the headlines for wildfires and droughts, more residents are making the connection between clean energy and a healthier planet.

Upfront Costs for Solar Panel Installations California

While many people are enticed by the environmental benefits of solar power, the upfront costs can be a hurdle. As of August 2023, if you're looking to set up PV panels in California, you should be aware that the average cost per watt is $2.97. This means that an 8-kilowatt (kW) system, which is about the average size for residential solar panel installations California, would set you back anywhere from $20,200 to $27,300. When we average out these figures, the typical gross expenditure hovers around $23,700.

Now, these figures might seem steep at first glance. But don't forget, they are gross estimates. They do not factor in any of the solar incentives that California offers, which can significantly reduce the burden on your wallet.

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Incentive Programs for Solar Panels in California

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to go solar in California is the various incentive programs designed to make the transition more affordable. Here's a closer look at some of them:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit: The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a game-changer, allowing you to get back 30% of your solar system's total cost through federal tax credits. This sum includes the costs of equipment, setup, and associated taxes.
  • Disadvantaged Communities – Single-Family Solar Homes (DAC-SASH): If you reside in one of the state’s most disadvantaged communities and are a customer of PG&E, SDG&E, or SCE, the DAC-SASH program may be for you. This initiative aims to make solar energy more accessible and affordable for CA communities that need it the most, offering additional financial support and job training in the solar industry.
  • Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP): Planning to include a solar battery for energy storage? The SGIP offers upfront rebates based on the size of your battery storage, available to customers of several major utilities. The catch is, as more people use this program, the rebate amount diminishes.
  • Equity Resiliency Program: Particularly beneficial for low-income families living in high-risk fire areas, the Equity Resiliency Program offers hefty rebates almost sufficient to cover the average cost of a solar battery.
  • Solar Energy System Property Tax Exemption: Going solar will undoubtedly increase your property's value. But in California, this won't mean higher property taxes. The state offers a tax exemption to ensure you enjoy the financial benefits without the tax drawbacks.
  • PACE Financing: Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs offer an innovative way to finance solar panel installations California. With PACE, you can pay back the loan amount through your property taxes over an extended period, often without requiring any down payment. However, it's crucial to be aware that a PACE loan places a lien on your property, which could complicate matters if you plan to sell.
  • Local Programs and Rebates: Don't overlook local initiatives. Your city or even your utility company may offer one-time rebates or credits to further offset your costs.
  • California Net Metering: If your system produces excess energy, net metering allows you to sell it back to the grid. However, be advised that the recent transition to Net-Energy Metering 3.0 has reduced the rate at which you'll receive energy credits. Despite this, CA officials are pushing for investment in energy storage systems to make the most out of your solar setup.

Potential Savings for California Solar Users

Despite the initial costs, the payback period for solar panel systems in California is surprisingly short, at around just 6 years. What does this mean? Well, within six years, the savings you'll have made on your energy bills will equal the amount you spent on your system.

Over two decades, these savings can add up to a substantial sum. For instance, if you invest in an average-sized solar system and pay upfront, you can look forward to estimated savings of around $65,000 over 20 years.

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Top Providers in California

Top Providers in California
Top Providers in California


A leader in the solar industry since 1985, SunPower offers residential panels with unrivaled efficiency—up to 22.8%. SunPower goes beyond just selling you panels; they offer a full-service experience. They handle everything from the design phase to the installation and ongoing monitoring of your system, tailoring their offerings to the state's unique climate.

Green Home Systems

This California native is a rising star in the solar industry, offering a diverse range of products that go beyond conventional panels to include modern solar shingles and tiles. Green Home Systems makes solar energy accessible, offering low-interest loans with minimal down payments, all backed by a 25-year materials and performance warranty.

Momentum Solar

If you like options, you'll love Momentum Solar. This company partners with Tier 1 manufacturers to give you exactly what you need for an efficient home solar setup. And don't worry about getting lost in the weeds; their concierge service assigns you a single point of contact to guide you through from quote to installation. They also provide flexible payment options, including maintenance-inclusive leases.

SunLux Solar

Specializing in the southern California market, SunLux offers high consumer-rated solar services. Their product range includes trusted brands like Tesla, LG, and Q Cells, ensuring your system is smart home-compatible. SunLux doesn't just stop at solar panels—they even offer solar EV charging stations. As for payment, you've got plenty of options, including a prepaid solar package that locks in your monthly rate and includes maintenance.

Palmetto Solar

A major player nationwide, Palmetto offers Californians the opportunity to buy or lease solar panel systems. The company emphasizes long-term savings for customers who opt to buy their systems outright. Committed to customer satisfaction, Palmetto offers Palmetto Protect—a subscription service that continuously monitors your system and provides tiered support levels if problems arise.

ADT Solar

Previously known as Sunpro, ADT Solar provides an all-in-one service that covers everything from the initial survey to ongoing maintenance and monitoring. Their customer service is top-notch, backed by 25-year guarantees on power, product, performance, and workmanship. Their product range is diverse, featuring panels from reputable brands like Canadian Solar, Q Cells, and Silfab.

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In Conclusion: California as a Solar Haven

So, if you're a homeowner in California, the time for solar adoption couldn't be more opportune. With the state's high solar irradiance and escalating electricity bills, it makes financial sense. Plus, with a plethora of incentives and top-tier providers at your doorstep, you're well-placed to make a decision that's both economically sound and environmentally friendly. The question isn't if you should go solar; it's about choosing the right partner to start your solar journey.

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Key takeaways

California leads in solar energy adoption, with over 50,000 installations powering 11 million homes. Here's why:

Why Go Solar in California:

  1. Abundant Sunlight: High efficiency due to California's sunlight.
  2. High Electricity Costs: Savings from bills averaging $285, 31% above the national average.
  3. Environmental Concerns: Clean energy adoption amid wildfires and droughts.

Costs and Incentives:

  • Average Cost: $2.97 per watt, totaling $23,700 for an 8 kW system.
  • Incentives: Federal Tax Credit, DAC-SASH, SGIP, and more offset costs.

Savings and Payback:

  • Quick Payback: Average 6-year payback period.
  • Long-Term Savings: Estimated $65,000 savings over 20 years.

Top Providers:

  1. SunPower: High-efficiency panels and full service.
  2. Green Home Systems: Modern solutions with low-interest loans.
  3. Momentum Solar: Customizable options and concierge service.
  4. SunLux Solar: Smart home-compatible systems with flexible payments.
  5. Palmetto Solar: Emphasizes long-term savings and subscription-based monitoring.
  6. ADT Solar: Comprehensive services with top-notch support.
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